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In order to make the most of the virtual P&G, we have made some important changes to the traditional structure of the face-to-face P&G. These are the most important facts:

(1) Pre-recording: Your contributed poster and poster video will be pre-recorded and uploaded by you to the Underline platform well in advance (deadline is Jun 14). All material will be published Open Access with a DOI (be careful not to include copyrighted material, see the training material). The videos will be processed by Underline, including addition of conference logo and closed-captioning (this is why you need to upload your material before Jun 14). Underline and P&G provide training material, access to a easy-to-use recording software, and a help-desk (you may request a short video call to solve problems). You will have to upload your poster in PDF (either one traditional page or 3 slides) and a short video (max time 3 min). To upload your material you need to fill this upload form with information about you and your poster and a permission grant for P&G and Underline to use the material. Your paper ID is the one that identifies your paper in the proceeding with the format epjconfXXXXXX, where XXXXXX is a 6 digit number.

(2) Schedule: The conference will be spread over one month with only one day per week for gathering live. Have a loot at the program. Save dates and times in your calendar!

(3) Watch and ask in advance: During the week preceding the gathering day, all participants are expected to watch the corresponding talks and pose questions in writing in the Underline platform. Participants can also vote for questions that are interesting so these are asked first by the chair of the session during the Q&A live time. Participants can also visit posters and pose questions there.

(4) Prize: All poster videos will enter a contest. The winning video will be rewarded with a free registration for the next P&G.

(5) Defending your poster: You will have to "stand" by your poster with your avatar in the Underline system (GatherTown) and participant avatars will approach you to open a video conversation (several participants can talk at once with a poster presenter). We will ask that you state the specific dates and times (at least 2 days, at least 2 hours in total) at which you will "stand" by your poster (within poster time slots) for others to visit you.

(6) Networking: There will be lounge areas for you to walk around with your avatar and meet other participants. You can open video conversations with them.

List of Poster Presentations

epjconf201139 Presenter: Xihua Chu
A modified calculation of particle buoyant forces in vibro-fluidized beds
 Zhixiong Zhang, Xihua Chu, Yanran Wang

epjconf201141 Presenter: Haruto Ishikawa
Rheology of two-dimensional crushable granular materials
 Haruto Ishikawa, Satoshi Takada, Yuji Matsumoto

epjconf201142 Presenter: Satoshi Takada
Homogeneous cooling and heating states of dilute soft-core gases under nonlinear drag
 Satoshi Takada

epjconf201402 Presenter: Angga Herman
The effect of rotation speed and mixer size on granular flow and mixing in bladed mixers
 Angga Herman, Jieqing Gan, Aibing Yu

epjconf201403 Presenter: Angel Garcimartín
On the broad tails in breaking time distributions of vibrated clogging arches
 Angel Garcimartín, Bruno V. Guerrero, Alexandre Nicolas, Rodrigo C. Barbosa da Silva, Iker Zuriguel

epjconf201404 Presenter: Hoang C. Nguyen
Evolution of the coefficient of lateral earth pressure at rest with interparticle friction: a numerical study
 Hoang C. Nguyen

epjconf201429 Presenter: Zhuang Cheng
Exploring the micromechanical behaviour of sand-rubber mixtures using X-ray micro-tomography
 Zhuang Cheng, Jianfeng Wang, Wei Li

epjconf201432 Presenter: Pierre Philippe
Extending the Shields criterion to erosion of weakly cemented granular soils
 Pierre Philippe, Zeyd Benseghier, Florian Brunier-Coulin, Li-Hua Luu, Pablo Cuéllar, Stéphane Bonelli

epjconf201435 Presenter: Jian Chen
Experimental study of particle shape dependence of avalanches inside a rotating drum
 Jian Chen, Dominik Krengel, Hans-Georg Matuttis

epjconf201512 Presenter: Aigerim Rakhimzhanova
Numerical simulations of cone penetration in cemented sandstone
 Aigerim Rakhimzhanova, Colin Thornton, Yerlan Amanbek, Yong Zhao

epjconf201513 Presenter: Juan Carlos Quezada
Contact Dynamics modeling of viscoelastic granular materials using irregular polyhedral particles
 Juan Carlos Quezada, Cyrille Chazallon

epjconf201514 Presenter: Juan Carlos Quezada
Discrete modeling of waste rock dumps stability under seismic loading
 Juan Carlos Quezada, Gabriel Eduardo Villavicencio

epjconf201516 Presenter: Takumi Kubota
Drag of a cylindrical object in a two-dimensional granular environment
 Takumi Kubota, Haruto Ishikawa, Satoshi Takada

epjconf201518 Presenter: Sven Dressler
PyBONDEM-GPU: a discrete element bonded particle Python research framework – Development and examples
 Sven Dressler, Daniel N. Wilke

epjconf201519 Presenter: Jan Mueller
Grid-algorithm improvements for dense suspensions of discrete element particles in finite element fluid simulations
 Jan Mueller, Akira Kyotani, Hans-Georg Matuttis

epjconf201520 Presenter: Daniel Serrano
Granular flow through vertical slots: analysis of a general formula
 A. Medina, D. A. Serrano, A. López-Villa, M. Pliego

epjconf201521 Presenter: Lydie Staron
Mobilisation of friction in unstationary flows down a model topography
 Baptiste Blachier, Lydie Staron

epjconf201522 Presenter: Lydie Staron
Capturing the failure of a cohesive granular step
 Lydie Staron, Anais Abramian, Pierre-Yves Lagrée

epjconf201524 Presenter: Shivakumar Athani
Transients in pressure-imposed shearing of dense granular suspensions
 Shivakumar Athani, Yoel Forterre, Bloen Metzger, Romain Mari

epjconf201892 Presenter: Shirin Enferad
Hydrophobic and raw glass beads flow behavior under different processing conditions
 Shirin Enferad, Salvatore Pillitteri, Geoffroy Lumay, Claire Gaiani, Sebastien Kiesgen De Richter, Michaël Marck, Syrym Umbetov, Nicolas Vandewalle, Mathieu Jenny

epjconf201893 Presenter: Abbas Farhat
Multi-scale cohesion force measurements for cemented granular materials
 Abbas Farhat, Li-Hua Luu, Pierre Philippe, Pablo Cuéllar

epjconf201895 Presenter: James T. Jenkins
Fracture, aggregation and segregation in dry, granular flows
 James T. Jenkins, Michele Larcher

epjconf201896 Presenter: Alberto Megías
Relative entropy of freely cooling granular gases. A molecular dynamics study
 Alberto Megías, Andrés Santos

epjconf201898 Presenter: Siddhartha Shrestha
Effect of particle shape on bubble dynamics in bubbling fluidized bed
 Siddhartha Shrestha, Zongyan Zhou

epjconf201901 Presenter: Leonardo Binda
Swelling of a granular hydrogel medium under confinement: individual and collective dynamic
 Lucía Cristófaro, Sebastián Falcioni, Leonardo Binda, Yanina Lucrecia Roht, Germán Drazer, Irene Ippolito

epjconf201902 Presenter: Cheng-Chuan Lin
Influence of granular temperature and grain rotation on the wall friction coefficient in confined shear granular flows
 Cheng-Chuan Lin, Riccardo Artoni, Fu-Ling Yang, Patrick Richard

epjconf201909 Presenter: Maral Mehdizad
Quantitative measurement of hopper flow using MRI
 Maral Mehdizad, Luke Fullard, Petrik Galvosas, Daniel Holland

epjconf201911 Presenter: N. S. S. P. Kalyan
Computationally efficient approach to quantify 2D particle morphological descriptors
 N. S. S. P. Kalyan, Ramesh Kannan Kandasami

epjconf201914 Presenter: Adriane Clerc
Mesoscale inertial transition in granular materials
 Adriane Clerc, Antoine Wautier, Stéphane Bonelli, François Nicot

epjconf201916 Presenter: Dorian Faroux
Coupling non-local rheology and volume of fluid (VOF) method: a finite volume method (FVM) implementation
 Dorian Faroux, Kimiaki Washino, Takuya Tsuji, Toshitsugu Tanaka

epjconf201919 Presenter: Alexandre Valance
Effect of dissipation in rapid-gravitational granular flows
 Yajuan Zhu, Renaud Delannay, Alexandre Valance

epjconf201920 Presenter: James Jenkins
Analytical solutions for dense, inclined, granular flow over a rigid, bumpy base
 James Jenkins, Diego Berzi

epjconf201922 Presenter: Na Deng
Dynamic view of critical state regime in granular materials: a mesoscale perspective
 Na Deng, Antoine Wautier, Yannick Thiery, Zhen-Yu Yin, Pierre-Yves Hicher, François Nicot

epjconf201923 Presenter: Alaa Ghzayel
Modelling of scour formation using SedFoam, continuum approach
 Alaa Ghzayel, Anthony Beaudoin, Sebastien Jarny

epjconf201924 Presenter: Ilberto Fonceca
Modeling particle-fluid interaction in a coupled CFD-DEM framework
 Ilberto Fonceca, Diego Maza, Raúl Cruz Hidalgo

epjconf201927 Presenter: Jesica Benito
Silo fischarge: influence of the particle shape on the velocity profiles
 Florencia Escudero, Marcela Camila Villagrán Olivares, Rodolfo Uñac, Ana María Vidales, Jesica Benito

epjconf201928 Presenter: Paul Sánchez
LMGC90: a Contact Dynamics open source code for the simulation of granular asteroid with realistic regolith shapes. Application to the accretion process
 Paul Sánchez, Mathieu Renouf, Emilien Azéma, Rémy Mozul

epjconf201930 Presenter: Ryan Kozlowski
Particle dynamics in two-dimensional point-loaded granular media composed of circular or pentagonal grains
 Ryan Kozlowski, Hu Zheng, Karen E. Daniels, Joshua E. S. Socolar

epjconf201933 Presenter: Miles Morgan
From Darcy to Gaussian to fully mobilised grain flow in a confined channel
 Miles Morgan, Bjørnar Sandnes

epjconf201936 Presenter: Shah Nawaz
Sample preparation of dense granular materials. Influence of void ratio e and coordination number Z* on the mechanical behaviour at failure
 Shah Nawaz, Gaël Combe

epjconf201938 Presenter: Amy Ferrick
Coordination numbers in natural beach sand
 Vanshan Wright, Amy Ferrick, Michael Manga, Nicholas Sitar

epjconf201940 Presenter: Zongyan Zhou
Vibration induced segregation of single large particles
 Dizhe Zhang, David Pinson, Zongyan Zhou

epjconf201943 Presenter: Keng-Lin Lee
Analytical nonlocal model for shear localization in wall-bounded dense granular flow
 Keng-Lin Lee, Riccardo Artoni, Fu-Ling Yang, Patrick Richard

epjconf201947 Presenter: Giulia Guida
Packing density of bi-disperse mixtures under one-dimensional compression
 Giulia Guida, Francesca Casini

epjconf201948 Presenter: Emilien Azéma
Independence of shear strength with particle size dispersity still valid in polyhedral particle assemblies
 Emilien Azéma, David Cantor, Itthichai Preechawuttipong

epjconf201949 Presenter: Michail Komodromos
Grain-scale DEM study of open-ended pipe pile penetration in granular soils
 Michail Komodromos, Gaël Combe, Gioacchino Viggiani

epjconf201950 Presenter: Claire Silvani
Oedometric compression of a granular material: computation of energies involved during breakage with a discrete element modelling
 François Nader, Claire Silvani, Irini Djeran-Maigre

epjconf201951 Presenter: Dmitry Puzyrev
Cluster dynamics in dense granular gases of rod-like particles
 Dmitry Puzyrev, Raúl Cruz Hidalgo, David Fischer, Kirsten Harth, Torsten Trittel, Ralf Stannarius

epjconf201952 Presenter: Claire Silvani
Discrete element simulations of load transfer mechanisms for a reinforced granular embankment submitted to loading cycles
 Claire Silvani, Mo'men Ramadan, Pascal Villard, Laurent Briançon

epjconf201953 Presenter: Sohanjit Ghosh
Granular segregation on the rubble-pile asteroid Itokawa
 Sohanjit Ghosh, Ishan Sharma, Deepak Dhingra

epjconf201954 Presenter: David Cantor
Bulk modulus of soft particle assemblies under compression
 David Cantor, Manuel Cárdernas-Barrantes, Itthichai Preechawuttipong, Mathieu Renouf, Emilien Azéma

epjconf201960 Presenter: Tristan Vuilloz
DEM modeling of segregation and stratification in pouring heaps of bidispersed mixtures of rounded particles
 Tristan Vuilloz, David Cantor, Carlos Ovalle

epjconf201963 Presenter: Arghya Das
Exploring chemo-mechanics of granular material using DEM
 P. Viswanath, Arghya Das

epjconf201965 Presenter: Daigo Mugita
Non-equilibrium response and slow equilibration in hard disk systems
 Daigo Mugita, Masaharu Isobe

epjconf201967 Presenter: Takashi Matsushima
Statistical properties of cell stresses in 2D granular solids
 Takashi Matsushima, Raphael Blumenfeld

epjconf201970 Presenter: Theechalit Binaree
Shape or friction? Which of these characteristics drives the shear strength in granular systems?
 Theechalit Binaree, Emilien Azéma, Nicolas Estrada, Mathieu Renouf, Itthichai Preechawuttipong

epjconf201971 Presenter: Ferenc Safranyik
Numerical investigation of snowstorm filling
 Ferenc Safranyik, Attila Varga

epjconf201974 Presenter: Nathalie Casas
Shear bands in dense fault gouge
 Nathalie Casas, Guilhem Mollon, Ali Daouadji

epjconf201975 Presenter: Jonathan Barés
Highly strained mixtures of bidimensional soft and rigid grains: an experimental approach from the local scale
 Jonathan Barés, Manuel Cárdenas-Barrantes, David Cantor, Emilien Azéma, Mathieu Renouf

epjconf201987 Presenter: Florent Thevenon
Slow and intermittent stress relaxation of biomass granular media
 Florent Thevenon, Bharath Devulapalli, Muriel Marchand, Thierry Melkior, Alain de Ryck

epjconf201990 Presenter: Victor Levy Dit Vehel
Acoustic localisation in a two-dimensional granular medium
 Victor Levy Dit Vehel, Ange haddjeri, Osvanny Ramos

epjconf201991 Presenter: Joshua A. Dijksman
Strain dependent vorticity in sheared granular media
 Dong Wang, Joshua A. Dijksman, Jonathan Barés, Hu Zheng

epjconf201993 Presenter: Giuseppina Recchia
Failure in granular materials based on acoustic tensor: a numerical analysis
 Giuseppina Recchia, Hongyang Cheng, Vanessa Magnanimo, Luigi La Ragione

epjconf201994 Presenter: Andres Alfonso Peña Olarte
Music of grain crushing with the Discrete Element Method
 Li Zeng, Andres Alfonso Peña Olarte, Roberto Cudmani

epjconf201998 Presenter: Kolja Joeris
Experiments on rebounding slow impacts under asteroid condition
 Kolja Joeris, Laurent Schönau, Lars Schmidt, Matthias Keulen, Vrinda Desai, Philip Born, Jonathan E. Kollmer

epjconf201999 Presenter: Kwami Adem Mayeden
Modulated segregation of a bidisperse granular mixture due to recirculation currents
 Kwami Adem Mayeden, Evelyne Kolb, Stéphanie Deboeuf, Pierre Jop

epjconf202001 Presenter: Jean-Baptiste Besnard
Aerodynamic and impact thresholds for cohesive mixture of sand and non-volatile liquid
 Jean-Baptiste Besnard, Alexandre Valance, Pascal Dupont, Ahmed Ould El Moctar

epjconf202002 Presenter: Daniel Serrano
Acoustic radiation patterns of the silo music phenomenon
 J. R. Hernández-Juárez, D. A. Serrano, A. López-Villa, A. Medina

epjconf202008 Presenter: Zhifu Shen
Structure and compressive behavior of Lightweight Clay Aggregate particle: experiments and numerical simulations
 Shuangshuang Xia, Zhifu Shen, Hongmei Gao, Zhihua Wang

epjconf202016 Presenter: Louison Thorens
Discharge of a 2D magnetic silo
 Louison Thorens, Maud Viallet, Knut Jørgen Måløy, Mickaël Bourgoin, Stéphane Santucci

epjconf202020 Presenter: Nicolin Govender
A study on the effect of grain morphology on shear strength in granular materials
Nicolin Govender, Patrick Pizette

epjconf202021 Presenter: Daniel N. Wilke
From discrete element simulation data to process insights
 Daniel N. Wilke, Paul W. Cleary, Nicolin Govender

epjconf202022 Presenter: Aurélien Neveu
Packing dynamics of powders at high temperature
 Aurélien Neveu, Filip Francqui, Geoffroy Lumay

epjconf202023 Presenter: Nandu Gopan
Multiplicity of states in Taylor-Couette flow of a dense granular gas
 Nandu Gopan, Meheboob Alam

epjconf202026 Presenter: Ningning Zhang
DEM examination of SPT correction factors
 Ningning Zhang, Marcos Arroyo, Matteo Ciantia, Antonio Gens

epjconf202028 Presenter: Sadegh Nadimi
Imaging the root–rhizosphere interface using micro computed tomography: quantifying void ratio and root volume ratio profiles
 Tomás Lascurain, Vasileios Angelidakis, Saimir Luli, Sadegh Nadimi

epjconf202029 Presenter: Alban Sauret
Erosion of a cohesive granular material by an impinging turbulent jet
 Mingze Gong, Sivar Azadi, Adrien Gans, Philippe Gondret, Alban Sauret

epjconf202030 Presenter: Andres Alfonso Peña Olarte
Modelling the monotonic and cyclic behaviour of sands using Artificial Neural Networks
 Weixian Chen, Andres Alfonso Peña Olarte, Roberto Cudmani

epjconf202031 Presenter: Sadegh Nadimi
CFD modelling of the effect of capillary pressure on retention behaviour of water menisci at inter-particle contacts
 Alejandro López, Agostino Walter Bruno, Sadegh Nadimi

epjconf202035 Presenter: Bodhisattwa Chaudhuri
DEM based investigation of powder packing in 3D printing of pharmaceutical tablets
 Koyel Sen, Tanu Mehta, Anson W. K. Ma, Bodhisattwa Chaudhuri

epjconf202037 Presenter: Ming Yang
Geometrical network of granular materials under isochoric cyclic shearing
 Ming Yang, Mahdi Taiebat, Patrick Mutabaruka, Farhang Radjai

epjconf202038 Presenter: Reihaneh Hosseini
Investigating the effect of porosity on the soil water retention curve using the multiphase Lattice Boltzmann Method
 Reihaneh Hosseini, Krishna Kumar, Jean-Yves Delenne

epjconf202039 Presenter: Yaoyu Li
Acoustic signals of rotating drums generated based on DEM simulations
 Yaoyu Li, Jie Bao, Runyu Yang

epjconf202043 Presenter: Daniel Serrano
Collapse of colical granular columns
 M. A. Ordaz, M. Sánchez-Rosas, J. R. Hernández-Juárez, A. Medina, D. A. Serrano

epjconf202046 Presenter: Ahmed Jarray
Liquid migration in flowing granular materials
 Thijmen Hagen, Stefan Luding, Devaraj van der Meer, Vanessa Magnanimo, Ahmed Jarray

epjconf202049 Presenter: Kianoosh Taghizadeh
Energy propagation in 1D granular soft-stiff chain
  K. Taghizadeh, H. Steeb, S. Luding

epjconf202051 Presenter: Parag Widhate
Particle velocity profile in an inclined rotating drum
 P. Widhate, H. P. Zhu, Q. H. Zeng, K. J. Dong

epjconf202052 Presenter: Juan C. Grave
Optimal design of cyclones in series for the separation of multi-component mixtures of Portland cement
 Juan C. Grave, Cecilia I. Paulo, Horacio A. Petit, E. Fabián Irassar

epjconf202082 Presenter: Sandip H. Gharat
Experimental investigation of segregation of granular mixtures during heap formation
 Sandip Gharat

epjconf202084 Presenter: Calixtro Yanqui
A sphere packing model for shear bands in dense soils
 Calixtro Yanqui

epjconf210001 Presenter: Nicolas Preud'homme
Effect of grain shape on the dynamics of granular materials in 2D rotating drum
 Nicolas Preud'homme, Eric Opsomer, Nicolas Vandewalle, Geoffroy Lumay

epjconf210002 Presenter: Stefan Luding
How does static granular matter re-arrange for different isotropic strain rate?
 Stefan Luding

epjconf210005 Presenter: Calixtro Yanqui 
An average model for disordered sphere packings
 Calixtro Yanqui 

epjconf210006 Presenter: Wei Pin Goh
Analysis of particle dynamics in a pin mill by Discrete Element Method
 Wei Pin Goh, Mojtaba Ghadiri