Powders & Grains, July 5, 13, 21, 29 and Aug 6, 2021

Poster video reward

(Announced on: August 19, 2021)

AEMMG decided not to grant the Best Poster Video Prize this year after considering all videos at P&G2021. However, the local organizers and the president of AEMMG wanted to reward a few videos that were among those significantly better than others. These are the three videos selected and the rewards (you need to be registered to P&G2021 to access these videos).

USD 100 gift card
Effect of grain shape on the dynamics of granular materials in 2D rotating drum
Geoffroy Lumay, Eric Opsomer, Nicolas Preud'homme, Nicolas Vandewalle

USD 50 gift card
Silo discharge: influence of the particle shape on the velocity profiles
Jesica Benito, Marcela Camila Villagrán Olivares, Florencia Escudero, Ana María Vidales, Rodolfo Uñac

USD 25 gift card
Bulk modulus of soft particle assemblies under compression
Emilien Azéma, David Cantor, Manuel Cárdernas-Barrantes, Itthichai Preechawuttipong, Mathieu Renouf



DOI for videos and papers

(Announced on: August 12, 2021)

Direct DOI links to the papers and videos of the talks can be found here.


P&G2025 will be in India

(Announced on: August 9, 2021)

On Augusts 6 the Committee of AEMMG has accepted the proposal by Prof. Meheboob Alam to host P&G2025 in India. Thank you to all that participated at P&G2021 and we hope to see you all at P&G2025!


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Access to the Underline system: Day 3

(Announced on: July 14, 2021)

On July 14, Underline delivered emails to all registered participants to grant access to the conference system for Day 3. If you are registered and you did not receive your access email, contact Underline at pg2021@underline.io


Access to the Underline system: Day 2

(Announced on: July 6, 2021)

On July 6, Underline delivered emails to all registered participants to grant access to the conference system for Day 2. If you are registered and you did not receive your access email, contact Underline at pg2021@underline.io


Access to the Underline system

(Announced on: June 9, 2021)

On June 28, Underline will deliver emails to all registered participants to grant access to the conference system. If you are registered and you do not receive your access email shortly after this date, contact the organizers at pg2021@powdersandgrains.org



EPJ-WoC has published the P&G 2021 proceeding

(Announced on: June 7, 2021)

The proceeding is now available here


P&G 2021 has associated with Underline for the virtual conference

(Announced on: March 2, 2021)

In order to make the most of the virtual P&G, we have made some important changes to the traditional structure of the face-to-face P&G. These are the most important facts:

(1) Pre-recording: The contributed talks and posters will be pre-recorded and uploaded (PDF + video recording) to the Underline platform well in advance (deadline is Jun 14). All material will be published Open Access with a DOI. Invited talks will be presented live during the conference and recorded for publication. The videos will be processed by Underline, including addition of conference logo and closed-captioning (this is why you need to upload your material before Jun 14).

(3) Schedule: The conference will be spread over one month with only one day per week for gathering live. The idea here is to avoid the exhausting long consecutive days of sitting in front of a screen. The weekly gathering will be used for the invited talks, Q&A of the pre-recorded contributed talks, poster sessions and networking. Please, note that we have tried to balance time zones to share the burden of unusual conference hours in different continents. These are the dates and times. Save these dates and times in your calendar!

     July 05 (Mon) 10.00 to 16.00 Buenos Aires time
     July 13 (Tue)  10.00 to 16.00 Europe time
     July 21 (Wed) 10.00 to 16.00 Tokyo time
     July 29 (Thu)  10.00 to 16.00 New Delhi time
     Aug 06 (Fri)    10.00 to 16.00 Buenos Aires time

  Buenos Aires Europe CEST
Tokyo New Delhi
July 05 (Mon)
10.00-16.00 15.00-21.00 22.00-04.00+1 18.30-00.30+1
  July 13 (Tue)
05.00-11.00 10.00-16.00 17.00-23.00 13:30-19.30
  July 21 (Wed)
22.00-1-04.00 03.00-09.00 10.00-16.00 06.30-12.30
  July 29 (Thu)
01.30-07.30 06.30-12.30 13.30-19.30 10.00-16.00
Aug 06 (Fri)
10.00-16.00 15.00-21.00 22.00-04.00+1 18.30-00.30+1

     Tentative day schedule

    10.00 - Invited Speaker 1 (live or pre-recorded video played live)
    10.40 - Break and Posters
    11.40 - Q&A for 10 contributed talks (6 min each)
    12.40 - Break and Posters
    13.40 - Invited Speaker 2 (live or pre-recorded video played live)
    14.20 - Q&A for 10 contributed talks (6 min each)
    15.20 - Break and Posters
    16.00 - Closing

(4) Watch and ask in advance: During the week preceding the gathering day, all participants are expected to watch the corresponding talks and pose questions in writing in the Underline platform. Participants can also vote for questions that are interesting so these are asked first by the chair of the session during the Q&A live time. Participants can also visit posters and pose questions there.

(5) Talks: Underline and P&G provide training material, access to a easy-to-use recording software, and a help-desk (you may request a short video call to solve problems). You will have to upload your slides in PDF and the video of your talk (max time: invited talks 30 min, contributed talks 15 min). To upload your material you will need to fill a form with information about you and your talk and a permission grant for P&G and Underline to use the material. You will have to be present at your designated talk session for the live Q&A. You can see the questions that participants pose in writing and prepare yourself in advance.

(6) Posters: You will follow the same procedure as with talks (see above). You can provide a traditional one-page PDF or a few slides in your PDF. You are also encouraged to upload a 3-minute video. All poster videos will enter a contest. The winning video will be rewarded with a free registration for the next P&G. You will have to "stand" by your poster with your avatar in the Underline system and participant avatars will approach you to open a video conversation (several participants can talk at once with a poster presenter). We will ask that you state the specific dates and times (at least 2 days, at least 2 hours in total) at which you will "stand" by your poster (within poster time slots) for others to visit you.

(7) Networking: There will be lounge areas for you to walk around with your avatar and meet other participants. You can open video conversations with them.



(Announced on: November 5, 2020)

In view of the current pandemic, the organizers of P&G 2021 have decided to hold the conference in virtual format - keeping the date as planned. Details on the adjusted registration fees, format of presentations, etc. will be announced soon. The submission deadline for the proceedings remains the same. Please, visit our Author Area.

P&G 2021: Last deadline for paper submission

(Announced on: September 30, 2020)

Due to a number of requests, the Editors of the proceedings of Powders & Grains 2021 have decided to concede a last postponement in the deadline for paper submission. The new deadline is November 30, 2020. Your contributions are welcomed. Please, visit the Author Area.

P&G 2021: New deadline for paper submission

(Announced on: August 27, 2020)

The Editors of the proceedings of Powders & Grains 2021 have extended the deadline for paper submission. The new deadline is October 9, 2020. Your contributions are welcomed. Please, visit the Author Area.

P&G 2021: COVID-19

(Announced on. July 2020)

In view of the current pandemic, the organizers of P&G 2021 want to bring some information to our community regarding plans for P&G.

We understand colleagues have to plan ahead for their participation in conferences and these are uncertain times with respect to international flights and large gatherings. We are still planning for a face-to-face meeting. However, we cannot be certain at this time if this will be possible in July 2021. These are the main points that you have to keep in mind for your participation in P&G 2021.

- Proceedings go ahead following the original timeline. Please, keep an eye on the call for papers and deadlines for submission.

- We plan to make the decision as to whether P&G 2021 will be a face-to-face event or a virtual conference (or a combination of both formats) in November 2020. You will then still have time for registration at the lowest fee.

- Fees will be appropriately reduced in case of a virtual conference.



The goal of Powders & Grains 2021 is to share the state of the art in the physics and micromechanics of granular media. Powders & Grains is an international scientific conference held every four years. It distinguishes itself from other meetings on granular materials by: a) the mixture of disciplines, b) single session talks, and c) refereed conference papers published online before the meeting. Past meetings were hosted at Clermont-Ferrand (1989), Birmingham (1993), Durham (1997), Sendai (2001), Stuttgart (2005), Golden (2009), Sydney (2013) and Montpellier (2017).


Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina next to the La Plata river, a hub to connect to all touristic destinations in South America. It offers a variety of attractions with many cultural and recreational activities: architecture, music, poetry, museums, theaters, bookshops, cafes and bars. You can discover the history of the rise of the new world since the arrival of the first Spanish conquerors, the revolution and independence, and the new incipient vindication of the native population after two centuries of dominance of western culture. Enjoy tango, a world-class music and dancing style born in this city in the beginning of the last century.


• Trending topics in granular matter: texture, jamming, shape effects, network analysis
• Rheology and constitutive modeling
• Industrial applications: powder processing, agricultural and food science, pharmaceutics, mining and energy production
• Geomaterials: soils, rocks, concrete
• Granulars in geology and the environment
• Particle properties
• Multiphase systems containing granulars
• Particle-based methods