Oral Presentations

(slides + 15-minute pre-recorded video)

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In order to make the most of the virtual P&G, we have made some important changes to the traditional structure of the face-to-face P&G. These are the most important facts:

(1) Pre-recording: Your contributed talk will be pre-recorded and uploaded by you to the Underline platform well in advance (deadline is Jun 14). All material will be published Open Access with a DOI (be careful not to include copyrighted material, see the training material). The videos will be processed by Underline, including addition of conference logo and closed-captioning (this is why you need to upload your material before Jun 14). Underline and P&G provide training material, access to a easy-to-use recording software, and a help-desk (you may request a short video call to solve problems). You will have to upload your slides in PDF and the video of your talk (max time 15 min). To upload your material you will need to fill this upload form with information about you and your talk and a permission grant for P&G and Underline to use the material. You will have to be present at your designated talk session for the live Q&A. You can see the questions that participants pose in writing and prepare yourself in advance. Your paper ID is the one that identifies your paper in the proceeding with the format epjconfXXXXXX, where XXXXXX is a 6 digit number.

(2) Schedule: The conference will be spread over one month with only one day per week for gathering live. Have a look at the program. Save dates and times in your calendar! You will have a 6-minute time slot to answer questions live. Have your slides handy for screen-sharing.

(3) Watch and ask in advance: During the week preceding the gathering day, all participants are expected to watch the corresponding talks and pose questions in writing in the Underline platform. Participants can also vote for questions that are interesting so these are asked first by the chair of the session during the Q&A live time. Participants can also visit posters and pose questions there.

(4) Networking: There will be lounge areas for you to walk around with your avatar and meet other participants. You can open video conversations with them.

List of Oral Presentations

epjconf201140 Speaker: Manuel Cárdenas-Barrantes
A micro-mechanical compaction model for granular mix of soft and rigid particles
 Manuel Cárdenas-Barrantes, David Cantor, Jonathan Barés, Mathieu Renouf, Emilien Azéma

epjconf201405 Speaker: Mojgan Aliasgari
The effect of liquid viscosity on sliding friction coefficient of wet granular materials
 Mojgan Aliasgari, Nahid Maleki-Jirsaraei, Shahin Rouhani

epjconf201430 Speaker: Pierre Rognon
Shear-induced diffusion: the role of granular clusters
 Matthew Macaulay, Pierre Rognon

epjconf201433 Speaker: María Alejandra Aguirre
Energy dissipation of a particle colliding on a flat surface
 Fabricio Éric Fernández, Marcelo Fabián Piva, Román Gustavo Martino, María Alejandra Aguirre

epjconf201434 Speaker: Daniel Schiochet Nasato
Effect of the coefficient of restitution and friction in the granular Leidenfrost effect in the absence of gravity. A numerical study
 Daniel Schiochet Nasato, Heiko Briesen

epjconf201436 Speaker: Neiladri Sekhar Ray
DEM simulations of quasi-two-dimensional flow of spherical particles on a heap without sidewalls
 Neiladri Sekhar Ray, Devang V. Khakhar

epjconf201438 Speaker: Kahlil Fredrick Cui
Mechanisms of size segregation in granular flows with different ambient fluids
 Kahlil Fredrick Cui, Gordon G. D. Zhou, Lu Jing

epjconf201491 Speaker: Sacha Duverger
Rattlers’ involvement for possibly looser critical states under higher mean stress
 Sacha Duverger, Jérôme Duriez, Pierre Philippe, Stéphane Bonelli

epjconf201511 Speaker: Megan Danczyk
An investigation of collisions of liquid coated particles
 Megan Danczyk, Luke Fullard, Daniel Holland

epjconf201515 Speaker: James Robinson
Evidence of a non-local φ(I) response
 James Robinson, Daniel Holland, Luke Fullard

epjconf201523 Speaker: Hans J. Herrmann
Patterns formed by chains of magnetic beads
 Danilo S. Borges, Hans J. Herrmann, Humberto A. Carmona, José Soares Andrade Jr., Ascânio D. Araújo

epjconf201890 Speaker: Luisa Fernanda Orozco
Effect of particle shape on particle breakage inside rotating cylinders
 Luisa Fernanda Orozco, Jean-Yves Delenne, Philippe Sornay, Farhang Radjai

epjconf201891 Speaker: Daisuke Ishima
Dilatancy of frictional granular materials under oscillatory shear with constant pressure
 Daisuke Ishima, Hisao Hayakawa

epjconf201894 Speaker: Diego Gella
Non-monotonic dependence of avalanche durations on particle velocities in the discharge of a silo
 Diego Gella, Diego Maza, Iker Zuriguel

epjconf201897 Speaker: Miguel Cabrera
Planar column collapse of elongated grains
 Andrea Jara, Miguel Cabrera

epjconf201899 Speaker: Rubén Gómez González
Non-monotonic Mpemba effect in binary molecular suspensions
 Rubén Gómez González, Vicente Garzó

epjconf201900 Speaker: Rodrigo Soto
Stability of the homogeneous steady state for a model of a confined quasi-two-dimensional granular fluid
 Vicente Garzó, Ricardo Brito, Rodrigo Soto

epjconf201903 Speaker: Yifei Ma
DEM modelling of 3D polyhedra with applications to gabion rockfall barriers
 Jeffrey Knowles, Yifei Ma, T. Matthew Evans

epjconf201904 Speaker: Lou Kondic
Correlating the force network evolution and dynamics in slider experiments
 Chao Cheng, Aghil Abed Zadeh, Lou Kondic

epjconf201906 Speaker: Sandra Linero-Molina
Impact of sample scaling on shear strength: coupled effects of grains size and shape
 Sandra Linero-Molina, Emilien Azéma, Nicolas Estrada, Stephen Fityus, John Simmons, Arcesio Lizcano

epjconf201907 Speaker: Dazhao Gou
DEM investigation of the effect of particle breakage on compact properties
 Dazhao Gou, Xizhong An, Runyu Yang

epjconf201908 Speaker: Jeffrey Olafsen
Dynamics of two particles on a vertically driven plate
 Kai Yang, Alex Sabey, Jeffrey Olafsen

epjconf201912 Speaker: Ryan C. Hurley
Stress and force measurement uncertainties in 3D granular materials
 Ryan C. Hurley

epjconf201913 Speaker: Cesar Venier
The performance of the μ(I)-rheology model on flat bottom silos discharge
 Cesar Venier, Leonardo Binda, Damián Ramajo, Santiago Márquez Damián, Irene Ippolito, Norberto Nigro

epjconf201915 Speaker: María Victoria Ferreyra
Avoiding chaos in granular dampers
 María Victoria Ferreyra, Julián M. Gómez-Paccapelo, Ramiro Suarez, Luis A. Pugnaloni

epjconf201918 Speaker: Rime Chehade
Influence of the particle shape on the impact force of lahar on an obstacle
 Rime Chehade, Bastien Chevalier, Fabian Dedecker, Pierre Breul

epjconf201921 Speaker: Salvatore Pillitteri
Forced segregation in binary granular mixtures
 Salvatore Pillitteri, Geoffroy Lumay, Éric Opsomer, Nicolas Vandewalle

epjconf201925 Speaker: Marta Stasiak
High compressibility caused by particle breakage: a DEM investigation
 Marta Stasiak, Vincent Richefeu, Gaël Combe, Jad Zghondi, Gilles Armand

epjconf201926 Speaker: Paul Sánchez
Seismic waves in the asteroid environment
 Paul Sánchez, Daniel J. Scheeres

epjconf201929 Speaker: Marcos A. Madrid
Self-assembly of self-propelled magnetic grains
 Marcos A. Madrid, Ramiro M. Irastorza, Ariel G. Meyra, C. Manuel Carlevaro

epjconf201931 Speaker: Erlei Li
Investigation of laser-powder interaction in laser powder bed fusion process in additive manufacturing
 Erlei Li, Lin Wang, Ruiping Zou, Aibing Yu, Zongyan Zhou

epjconf201932 Speaker: Patrick Richard
Sidewall friction in confined surface flows of granular materials
 Patrick Richard, Alexandre Valance, Renaud Delannay

epjconf201937 Speaker: Ilija Vego
X-ray tomographies of a water-sensitive granular material (couscous) exposed to high relative humidity: an experimental study
 Ilija Vego, Alessandro Tengattini Tengattini, Edward Andò, Nicolas Lenoir, Gioacchino Viggiani

epjconf201939 Speaker: Kumar Gaurav
Axisymmetric landslides on top-shaped asteroids
 Deepayan Banik, Kumar Gaurav, Ishan Sharma

epjconf201941 Speaker: Gustavo Pinzon
Contact evolution in granular materials with inherently anisotropic fabric
 Gustavo Pinzón, Edward Andò, Alessandro Tengattini, Gioacchino Viggiani, Jacques Desrues

epjconf201942 Speaker: Luc Oger
Robust experimental study of avalanche precursory events based on reproducible cycles of grain packing destabilizations
 Luc Oger, Renaud Delannay, Yves Le Gonidec

epjconf201944 Speaker: Arthur Pascot
Discharge of a granular silo under mechanical vibrations
 Arthur Pascot, Ghita Marouazi, Sébastien Kiesgen De Richter

epjconf201945 Speaker: Evelyne Kolb
Deformations of a 2D Elastica under a random distribution of normal loads
 Miguel Trejo, Arnaud Lazarus, Damien Vandembroucq, Evelyne Kolb

epjconf201946 Speaker: Pierre Jop
Wet rolling stones: growth of a granular aggregate under flow
 Pierre Jop, Guillaume Saingier, Alban Sauret

epjconf201955 Speaker: Anna Prati
Particles bed morphology under an oscillating stiff and flexible plates
 Anna Prati, Michele Larcher, James T. Jenkins, Luigi La Ragione

epjconf201957 Speaker: William Oquendo
Optimal packing in 2D and 3D granular systems: density, connectivity, and force distributions
 William-Fernando Oquendo, Nicolas Estrada

epjconf201958 Speaker: Brett Kuwik
Energy dissipation due to breakage during confined compaction of granular materials
 Brett Kuwik, Ryan C. Hurley

epjconf201959 Speaker: Felipe Pacheco-Vázquez
Grain size effect on the compression and relaxation of a granular column: solid particles vs dust agglomerates
 Felipe Pacheco-Vázquez, Tomomi Omura, Hiroaki Katsuragi

epjconf201961 Speaker: Hans-Georg Matuttis
Implementation of numerically exact Coulomb friction for discrete element simulations in three dimensions
 Shouta Sakamaki, Dominik Krengel, Jan Mueller, Jian Chen, Hans-Georg Matuttis

epjconf201964 Speaker: Tejas Murthy
An experimental study on shear bands in sand using the orthogonal cutting setup
 Abhijit Hegde, Tejas Murthy

epjconf201966 Speaker: Guilhem Mollon
Reproducing laboratory earthquakes with a discrete-continuum model
 Guilhem Mollon, Jérôme Aubry, Alexandre Schubnel

epjconf201968 Speaker: Ravi Gautam
Micromechanics of slow granular flows
 Ravi Gautam, Prabhu R. Nott

epjconf201969 Speaker: Olivier Bouillanne
Detecting vorticity in cohesive deformable granular material
 Olivier Bouillanne, Guilhem Mollon, Aurélien Saulot, Sylvie Descartes, Nathalie Serres, Karim Demmou, Guillaume Chassaing

epjconf201972 Speaker: Mahnoush Madani
Shearing of granular materials in a confined split-bottom Couette cell
 Mahnoush Madani, Maniya Maleki, M. Reza Shaebani

epjconf201973 Speaker: Monica Tirapelle
Shear-driven density segregation: an experimental study
 Monica Tirapelle, Andrea C. Santomaso, Patrick Richard, Riccardo Artoni

epjconf201976 Speaker: Zhifu Shen
Evolution of rattling particles in deviatoric shear deformation of granular material
 Lisha Luo, Zhifu Shen, Xudong Wang, Hongmei Gao

epjconf201977 Speaker: Fan Jia
Elastic wave velocity and attenuation in granular material
 Fan Jia, Hongyang Cheng, Sihong Liu, Vanessa Magnanimo

epjconf201978 Speaker: Guillaume Dumazer
Hydraulic transport regimes of grains in a millifluidic confinement
 Guillaume Dumazer, Etienne Gagnepain

epjconf201979 Speaker: Xiaoyu Jiang
Structural characteristics of ordered clusters in packs of ellipses
 Xiaoyu Jiang, Takashi Matsushima, Raphael Blumenfeld

epjconf201980 Speaker: Zohreh Farmani
Improved evaluation of granular media flows using an X-ray scanning compatible cone-plate setup
 Zohreh Farmani, Jing Wang, Ralf Stannarius, Martina Bieberle, Frank Barthel, Uwe Hampel, Joshua.A Dijksman

epjconf201981 Speaker: Sungyeon Hong
Dynamical arrest of topological defects in 2D hyperuniform disk packings
 Sungyeon Hong, Michael A. Klatt, Gerd Schroeder-Turk, Nicolas François, Mohammad Saadatfar

epjconf201982 Speaker: Koichiro Ogata
Evaluation of flowability for granulated powder using a test of powder discharge by pressurized air
 Koichiro Ogata, Daigo Ariga

epjconf201983 Speaker: Adrien Gans
The effect of cohesion on the discharge of a granular material through the orifice of a silo
 Adrien Gans, Pascale Aussillous, Blanche Dalloz, Maxime Nicolas

epjconf201984 Speaker: Ko Okumura
How universal is the vibration-velocity controlled granular convection?
 Mika Umehara, Ko Okumura

epjconf201985 Speaker: Hongyang Cheng
Direct numerical simulation of wave propagation in saturated random granular packings using coupled LBM-DEM
 Hongyang Cheng, Stefan Luding, Jens Harting, Vanessa Magnanimo

epjconf201986 Speaker: Osvanny Ramos
Dilation as a precursor in a continuous granular fault
 Victor Levy dit Vehel, Takahiro Hatano, Loïc Vanel, Knut Jørgen Måløy, Osvanny Ramos

epjconf201988 Speaker: Ignacio Andrade-Silva
Cohesion of bird nests
 Ignacio Andrade-Silva, Théo Godefroy, Olivier Pouliquen, Joel Marthelot

epjconf201989 Speaker: Wladimir Sarlin
On water waves generated by gravity driven granular collapse
 Wladimir Sarlin, Cyprien Morize, Alban Sauret, Philippe Gondret

epjconf201995 Speaker: Thierry Faug
Measuring jumps during granular chute-flows using X-ray radiography
 Ségolène Mejean, François Guillard, Thierry Faug, Itai Einav

epjconf201996 Speaker: Tivadar Pongó
Continuously heated granular gas of elongated particles
 Tivadar Pongó, Dmitry Puzyrev, Kirsten Harth, Ralf Stannarius, Raúl Cruz Hidalgo

epjconf202000 Speaker: Mussie Kidane
Coupled DEM-FDM simulation of cone penetration tests in coarse grained soils
 Mussie Kidane, Andrés Alfonso Peña Olarte, Roberto Cudmani

epjconf202003 Speaker: Saeid Nezamabadi
Rheology of soft granular materials: uniaxial compression
 Saeid Nezamabadi, Farhang Radjai, Serge Mora, Jean-Yves Delenne, Mojtaba Ghadiri

epjconf202010 Speaker: Tokio Morimoto
Analytical and DEM studies of thermal stress in granular materials
 Tokio Morimoto, Catherine O'Sullivan, David M. G. Taborda

epjconf202011 Speaker: Rory Cerbus
A landslide granular phase transition
 Rory Cerbus, Thierry Faug, Hamid Kellay

epjconf202012 Speaker: Kai Huang
Embedded inertial sensor for tracking projectile impact on granular media
 Stefan Koelster, Jinchen Zhao, Chen Lyu, Simeon Voelkel, Kai Huang

epjconf202013 Speaker: Alejandro Boschan
Solute transport by suspended buoyant particles
 Iván Colecchio, Natalia Arze, Georgina Flores, Ana Quijandria, Alejandro Boschan

epjconf202014 Speaker: David Cantor
Strength and energy consumption of inherently anisotropic rocks at failure
 David Cantor, Carlos Ovalle, Emilien Azéma

epjconf202015 Speaker: Louison Thorens
Taming the Janssen effect
 Louison Thorens, Knut Jørgen Måløy, Mickaël Bourgoin, Stéphane Santucci

epjconf202017 Speaker: Sandesh Kamath
Toward a large-scale particle-based parallel simulator of Aeolian sand transport, including a model for mobile sand availability
 Sandesh Kamath, Eric Parteli

epjconf202018 Speaker: Peidong Yu
Magnetically heated granular gas in a low-gravity environment
Peidong Yu, Matthias Schröter, Masato Adachi, Matthias Sperl

epjconf202019 Speaker: Ralf Stannarius
Mechanically driven active and passive grains as models for egress dynamics
 Mahdieh Mohammadi, Kirsten Harth, Dmitry Puzyrev, Torsten Trittel, Tina Hanselka, Ralf Stannarius

epjconf202024 Speaker: François Nader
Modelling realistic ballast shape to study the lateral pull behaviour using GPU computing
 François Nader, Patrick Pizette, Nicolin Govender, Daniel N. Wilke, Jean-François Ferellec

epjconf202025 Speaker: Jonathan E. Kollmer
Probing regolith-covered surfaces in low gravity
 Jonathan E. Kollmer, Jack Featherstone, Robert Bullard, Tristan Emm, Anna Jackson, Riley Reid, Sean Shefferman, Adrienne Dove, Joshua Colwell, Karen E. Daniels

epjconf202027 Speaker: Cyrille Couture
A one parameter damageable contact law for DEM, with application to frictional-cohesive granular materials
 Cyrille Couture, Vincent Richefeu, Jacques Desrues, Pierre Bésuelle

epjconf202032 Speaker: Anton Peshkov
Effects of interparticle friction on the response of 3D cyclically compressed granular material
 Zackery A. Benson, Anton Peshkov, Derek C. Richardson, Wolfgang Losert

epjconf202033 Speaker: Farnaz Fazelpour
The effect of boundary roughness on dense granular flows
 Farnaz Fazelpour, Karen E. Daniels

epjconf202034 Speaker: Kirsten Harth
Discharge of soft and hard grains and their mixtures from 2D silos
 Jing Wang, Kirsten Harth, Ralf Stannarius, Bo Fan, Tamas Börzsönyi 

epjconf202040 Speaker: Juan Sebastian Rey
A procedure to join the force and volume ensemble statistical descriptions of granular media
 Juan Sebastián Rey, Jose Daniel Muñoz, William Fernando Oquendo

epjconf202041 Speaker: Mojtaba Farahnak
Anisotropic nature of the capillary stress tensor
 Mojtaba Farahnak, Richard Wan, Mehdi Pouragha

epjconf202044 Speaker: Walid Lammali
Quasistatic response of loose cohesive granular materials
 Walid Lammali, Jean-Noël Roux, Anh-Minh Tang

epjconf202045 Speaker: Farhang Radjai
Time scales and rheology of visco-cohesive granular flows
 Farhang Radjai

epjconf202047 Speaker: Eugenia Borsa
Influence of the coefficient of restitution on the classification of granite sand using an elutriator
 Eugenia Borsa, H. Andrés Petit, Juliana Piña, Cecilia I. Paulo, E. Fabian Irassar

epjconf202048 Speaker: Lu Jing
Exploring shear-induced segregation in controlled-velocity granular flows
 Lu Jing, Julio M. Ottino, Richard M. Lueptow, Paul B. Umbanhowar

epjconf202053 Speaker: James Leak
Revisiting Hardin’s parameters for the quantification of particle breakage – A statistical entropy approach
 James Leak, Daniel Barreto, Vasiliki Dimitriadi, Emoke Imre

epjconf202054 Speaker: Yifei Duan
Designing non-segregating granular mixtures
 Yifei Duan, Paul B. Umbanhowar, Richard M. Lueptow

epjconf202057 Speaker: Francisco Martinez
Granular impacts: how far the Boussinesq model can go?
 Francisco Martinez Carreaux, Claudia Gonzalez

epjconf202080 Speaker: Domenica Braile
DEM modelling of swelling of grains
 Domenica Braile, Colin Hare, Chuan-Yu Wu

epjconf202081 Speaker: Francisco Kisuka
Friction-induced heat generation between two particles
 Francisco Kisuka, Chuan-Yu Wu, Colin Hare

epjconf202083 Speaker: Juan E Alvarez
Neck growth kinetics during polymer sintering for powder-based processes
 Juan E Alvarez, Henk Snijder, Tom Vaneker, Hongyang Cheng, Stefan Luding, Thomas Weinhart

epjconf210004 Speaker: Lewis Scott
Analysis of hold-up and grinding pressure in a spiral jet mill using CFD-DEM
 Lewis Scott, Antonia Borissova, Alan Burns, Mojtaba Ghadiri

epjconf210007 Speaker: Antoinette Tordesillas
Dynamics of undeforming regions in the lead up to failure: jumping scales from lab to field
 Antoinette Tordesillas, Shuo Zhou, Lachlan Campbell, Pat Bellett 

epjconf210008 Speaker: Kimberly Hill 
Granular-slurry rheology and asphalt compaction
 Teng Man, Kimberly Hill