The role of force networks in granular materials

Published on: 10 May 2021

The Editors of Granular Matter are pleased to announce a new webinar in the Granular Matter Webinar Series

Wednesday 12 May, 15.00 EU time

"The role of force networks in granular materials"
by: Prof. Karen Daniels, NC State University

Granular materials are inherently heterogeneous, and continuum models of properties such as rigidity and sound speed often fail to quantitatively capture their dynamics. One likely reason for these difficulties is that internal stresses are transmitted via a chain-like network of strong forces, introducing a secondary, meso-scale structure to the system. In my talk, I will describe several experiments on two-dimensional photoelastic granular materials which bridge particle-scale, meso-scale, and continuum-scale approaches. These experiments allow us to both investigate the statistical ensembles from which force networks are drawn, as well as probe their effects on mechanical properties such as sound transmission, rigidity, and rheology.
Below, please find the link to register for the webinar.