P&G 2021 <==> COVID-19

Published on: 14 July 2020

In view of the current pandemic, the organizers of P&G 2021 want to bring some information to our community regarding plans for P&G.

We understand colleagues have to plan ahead for their participation in conferences and these are uncertain times with respect to international flights and large gatherings. We are still planning for a face-to-face meeting. However, we cannot be certain at this time if this will be possible in July 2021. These are the main points that you have to keep in mind for your participation in P&G 2021.

- Proceedings go ahead following the original timeline. Please, keep an eye on the call for papers and deadlines for submission.

- We plan to make the decision as to whether P&G 2021 will be a face-to-face event or a virtual conference (or a combination of both formats) in November 2020. You will then still have time for registration at the lowest fee.

- Fees will be appropriately reduced in case of a virtual conference.